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Focused on making machines durable and reliable, ProMach delivers a variety of 

solutions for the e-commerce industry. 

ProMach Product Brands for E-Commerce Solutions

ProMach knows how important it is for the packaging line at your fulfillment center to run at peak performance. That's why we offer tailored solutions to fit the unique demands at the fulfillment centers for the e-commerce industry. From conveying, bagging, wrapping, labeling, and more, ProMach has the machines to ensure maximum productivity. With ProMach e-commerce solutions, you’ll see how your packaging line can deliver more for your operation than ever before.


Shuttleworth is an industry leader in solving unique product handling challenges. We specialize in accumulating, positioning, orienting, flipping, stacking, rotating, rejecting, pushing, diverting, indexing, and conveying products between manufacturing processes in nearly every industry. 

Shuttleworth collaborates with its clients to create automated solutions for the supply chain in fulfillment centers to increase productivity through the implementation of high-speed conveyors, robotics for pick and place systems, sorting and vision scanning devices, and more. Our product handling and packaging automation applications provide reliability, accuracy and adaptability.


Warehouse, distribution, and fulfillment operations demand speed to minimize handling and processing times within their facilities. In today’s environment, eliminating manual processes or operator “touches” can drastically improve a company’s throughput.

Labeling automation solutions from Panther are designed to maximize your throughput. Specifically, our all-electric Predator system can label packages of varying heights – in motion – with incredible speed and accuracy. Supporting e-commerce, retail, distribution, logistics, and mail-order pharmacy markets, a labeling automation solution from Panther Industries is designed to move your items through your system – fast.



Texwrap's e-commerce mailer bag system is a perfect solution for e-commerce fulfillment companies wanting to reduce costs due to dimensional weight shipping charges. FedEx, UPS and even the USPS in some cases use dimensional weight (dim weight) instead of actual weight in calculating shipping charges. This method takes into consideration not only the actual weight of the package but also the volume or size of the box. These freight companies discovered that shippers were filling up their trucks and planes with 2 oz items in oversized boxes filled with air pillows or other types of dunnage. Now that there is a cost to using that space, shippers are looking for more cost effective methods of packaging.


Rennco offers a wide range of innovative, reliable, and cost-effective packaging solution for E-Commerce applications, including a complete e-commerce solution that eliminates boxes to reduce the amount of fill material and paper waste while maximizing transportation efficiency. Rennco provides fulfillment locations with an automated process for fast, cost-effective packing of mixed products, and minimized film cost by forming optimally sized bags around each order. Fulfillment centers can save as much as 50 percent on consumables by eliminating the need to purchase premade bags. 

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