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From brewing to filling, to labeling, packing, and integration, your customized production line now starts and ends here with ProMach.

ProMach Product Brands for Craft Beer Solutions

For years, ProMach has delivered superior packaging solutions, and now with ProBrew joining the family, we have  front-end solutions to help you every step of the way along the beer production line. ProMach supports the brewing process with a brewhouse suite of solutions with processing, fermenting, and carbonation matched by a lineup of superior primary and secondary packaging solutions.


ProBrew, a subsidiary of ProMach’s recently acquired brand, TechniBlend, is a leading supplier of craft beer and beverage processing solutions. ProBrew has been revolutionizing the craft beer industry for over 14 years with systems and technology that save brewers time and money, while increasing yields and extending product shelf life. From brewhouses and cellar automation technology, to ProBrew’s patented ProCarb® inline carbonation systems and ProFill Can fillers running 100 -300 cans per minute, ProBrew truly helps you “Brew Like A Pro


At the heart of all good beers and seltzers is a proven recipe and the use of quality ingredients.  That’s where Statco-DSI’s beverage processing solutions offer everything for complete systems in cold processing which include modular process units like mixers and continuous in-line blenders. They also add the flavors and ingredients such as hops, controlling for even distribution and dissolution. Additionally, Statco-DSI offers a unique system for craft brewers known as the Hopsys that supports dry hopping. It incorporates the unique process of introducing the hop pellet directly into the beer stream under the liquid level, which helps assure consistent wetting and minimal dissolved oxygen pickup—resulting in an overall better end-product for your customers.


Minimize the overall footprint on the environment through responsible business practices with CL&D shrink sleeves. In the design processes, CL&D continues to push for gauge reduction and simplification, where possible, eliminating over-packaging. Offering sustainable shrink sleeve design and printing, CL&D shrink sleeves have revolutionized the label and packaging world. We offer 360˚ “bold look” graphics for all different types of containers and applications. Materials include PVC, PET-G, PET, OPS, and PLA.


Craft beer production can vary from smaller seasonal to high quantity, and with this comes the need for an economical solution for labeling different quantities. Axon's shrink sleeve applicators provide a simple, flexible alternative to directly printing on cans. It doesn't matter if you are just starting out or looking to expand your production, Axon has a shrink sleeve applicator that's right for you.


Eye-catching and vibrant beer labels help your bottles stand out on the retail shelf and grab the attention of the consumer. In addition to attention-grabbing graphics, accurate label placement is also important. P.E. Labeller's machines offer high precision labeling when it comes to applying pressure sensitive labels or cold glue labels to bottles from slow speeds to high speeds. Whether your bottle needs a wrap around label, a partial label front and back, and/or neck label front and back, P.E. Labellers has a label applicator to meet your needs.


As you grow your craft brewing business, you need to ensure that products are correctly labeled and date coded. And for both regulatory reasons and for customer convenience, the Brewers Association recommends date and lot coding of craft beer. Regardless of the size of your operation and whether you package your product in bottles or cans, ID Technology has solutions to fit your production needs. ID Technology provides a range of reliable labeling machines with a variety of customizable options to help get the job done with the look you want.


Put a four or a six-pack together with ease and make them convenient for beer drinkers everywhere to transport. Roberts PolyPro 100% recyclable can handles use up to 30% less plastic than competitive style handles yet provide comparable can security with easier handle application and removal. The HDPE # handles are available in 32 standard colors and feature an open top design, so no moisture accumulates between the can top and handle eliminating the ick factor in taste and color.


For the craft brewers that are expanding into further distribution opportunities but wanting to minimize the accompanying manual labor time, Wexxar Bel provides semi-automatic and fully automatic case formers, erectors, and sealers. These machine are well-balanced for moderate volume productions that are built to make the bottle or can bundling process easier and faster. And, when it's time to bundle many beer cases together for distribution, ProMach's stretch pallet wrapping systems offer an easy-going, smooth operation to get that pallet full of beer ready to ship out.


When stacking cases of beer together onto pallets for transport, stretch wrappers help with securing and stabilizing the product. However, not all stretch wrappers are created equal. Orion offers a wide range of stretch wrappers to support beer, seltzer, and other beverage operations of every scale—from entry level semi-automatic stretch wrapping systems, to high-speed fully automatic systems. Orion wrappers also offer a variety of features to help save brewers not only on time and labor costs, but also savings on packaging film. 


Zarpac provides single source, turnkey design and project management services for fully integrated partial and complete production lines. Offering a variety of expert-based engineering services, ZARPAC helps customers implement OEE optimized brewing and canning lines.  

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